sunnahs of using the toilet

Islamic toilet manners for kids [free printable]

Islamic toilet manners are extremely important when it comes to cleanliness, afterall cleanliness is half of our Iman. Instilling good habits in children from a young age is crucial in raising consciously clean kids. 

Kids, after being toilet trained for a while, will go on to autopilot when using the toilet. Teaching them the sunnahs of using the bathroom when they first start using the toilet is the most ideal situation. But if you haven’t started yet, don’t worry! Kids pick things up easily and can easily adopt new habits.

Allah desires not to place a burden on you but He wishes to purify you, and that He may complete His favour on you, so that you may give thanks. (Surah Maidah)

Sunnahs of using the toilet

Read the Dua before going into the toilet

Having the dua near the entrance of the toilet in your house is pretty essential. It can serve as a reminder to the rest of the family too, especially if they’re desperate and in a rush!

We have a poster that you can download. Print, laminate and hang it up to serve as a reminder for your children or students. Please login for free and go to the RESOURCES tab, this will be under SURAHS AND DUAS.

Dua for entering the bathroom poster

Enter with your left foot and leave with the right

Alot of younger children are still learning to tell the difference between their right and left foot. Going through the sunnah of entering the toilet with your left foot is a great practical way for them to start telling their right from their left. You can always stick a paper on the floor outside the bathroom that has a tracing of their left foot on it (this could be another activity that kids usually love doing). You could also do the same on the inside of your bathroom floor as a temporary measure to get them to remember this particular sunnah.

If it takes them a while to get the hang of this, that’s totally normal! As a primary school teacher and longtime Quran teacher, quite a few kids don’t learn their left from their right until a bit later.

Sit down and use the toilet

This sunnah is obviously not one for the girls but teaching them this important Sunnah is equally important as they can pass this information on to their brothers or dads. For boys, although many are taught to use the toilet sitting down in their homes, when they go to school (especially Western ones), they copy the way that non Muslim boys use the toilet and so this becomes the norm for them as they grow up. Some may also feel shy of being different to the majority and even though they are well aware of this Sunnah, they will still choose to stand and use the toilet. Addressing this issue would involve boosting their self esteem and bringing them more in tune with their relationship with Allah.

Abu Malik Al-Ash`ari (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Purity is half of iman (faith).“ 

Doing Istinja 

As adults, we feel much cleaner when using water and tissues. Teaching our children that this is good for our health, is a bonus. They should however also be accustomed to using just water as cutting down on our consumption of toilet paper will definitely benefit the environment in the long run. Making them aware that tissues come from trees and encouraging them not to waste it will Inshallah encourage them to become more conscientious Muslims.

Read the Dua after coming out of the toilet

Download our exiting bathroom dua here. Hang this somewhere the kids can see it once they come out. I admit i am more likely to forget the dua for coming out of the toilet so I’ll be doing this in my house too Insha’Allah.

Dua for exiting the bathroom poster

Download, print, laminate and hang this up to serve as a reminder for your children or students. Please login for free and go to the RESOURCES tab, this will be under SURAHS AND DUAS.

Things not to do whilst in the toilet

There are a few things that the Prophet disliked or forbade whilst using the toilet. Ensuring your child or student knows these DONT’s of Islamic toilet manners is also important. Read on to find out what you shouldn’t be doing when using the toilet.

  • Don’t face the Qibla when using the toilet
  • Don’t do Istinja (clean your privates) with your right hand. The Prophet advised his companions to use their left hand. This is because we eat with our right hand and so using the left for cleaning ourselves makes sense.
  • Don’t urinate in a place which is used by people when they walk or where people might sit for shade or rest
  • Don’t urinate in still water like ponds, lakes or springs. This is to stop the water from becoming contaminated (especially if it’s used for this purpose by lots of people).
  • Don’t take the name of Allah into the toilet with you. For example, necklaces, rings, tshirts, with Allah’s name on it should be removed before going into the toilet
  • Don’t talk in the toilet

Islamic toilet manners book

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I hope you found these Islamic toilet manners for kids page useful. If you like the downloadable Islamic posters on this page, you’ll be sure to love our huge library of Islamic downloadable worksheets for kids. We have sunnahs of every day aspects, Islamic child friendly ebooks, wordsearches, crosswords, colouring pages and so much more!

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