The Fourth Kalima: A resource for Teachers and Homeschoolers

Understanding the fourth kalima As Quran and Islamic studies educators, or diligent Muslim homeschooling parents, you are tasked with the vital role of guiding young minds towards the light of Islam. One of the integral aspects of this education is the understanding and recitation of the Kalima, the declaration of faith. Today, we turn our […]

Dua for entering masjid

entering mosque dua

The following dua is for entering the masjid: Transliteration: Allhummaf-tahlee abwaaba rahmatik Translation: Oh Allah! open for me the doors of your mercy. Check out this free poster below. Print, laminate and display in a place that kids can read and learn. Join Primary Ilm to download hundreds of other free Islamic activity sheets and […]

Tongue letters in Arabic

tongue letters in arabic

There are a total of 18 tongue letters in the Arabic language. In order to get reward for reading the Quran we should articulate our letters in the correct way. Learning the articulation points is important in correctly pronouncing the makhraj of the letters.  They are as follows: ت ث د ذ ر ز س […]

Islamic toilet manners for kids [free printable]

sunnahs of using the toilet

Islamic toilet manners are extremely important when it comes to cleanliness, afterall cleanliness is half of our Iman. Instilling good habits in children from a young age is crucial in raising consciously clean kids.  Kids, after being toilet trained for a while, will go on to autopilot when using the toilet. Teaching them the sunnahs […]