Surah Adiyat tafseer and translation for kids

surah adiyat

For educators and parents dedicated to teaching Quranic studies, the challenge often lies in presenting the lessons in an engaging and digestible manner. Primary Ilm’s latest offering, focused on Surah Adiyat, brings a fresh approach to this challenge. Our comprehensive set of worksheets and tools designed for Surah Adiyat aims to deepen understanding and enhance […]

Surah Asr: A Guide for Young Hearts

surah asr

In the journey of Islamic education, short Surahs often hold profound wisdom that resonates across ages. Surah Al-Asr is one such gem, encapsulating the essence of time, human condition, and the path to salvation. At Primary Ilm, we’re delighted to introduce our latest worksheets that bring the tafseer and translation of Surah Asr to life […]

Surah Humaza: Engaging Resources for Young Learners

surah humaza

As educators and parents invested in the Islamic upbringing of our children, we know the importance of making the Quran accessible and understandable to them. Primary Ilm’s latest worksheets bring Surah Al-Humaza to life, providing an interactive and comprehensive learning experience. Let’s explore how these resources can aid in teaching this Surah’s profound lessons. Unveiling […]

Dua for Entering Toilet for Kids: Essential Learning Made Easy

As Quran and Islamic studies teachers or Muslim homeschoolers, you understand the importance of instilling good Islamic practices from a young age. Teaching children the dua for entering the toilet is more than a ritual; it’s about embedding cleanliness and mindfulness into daily habits. At Primary Ilm, we’ve designed a comprehensive set of worksheets to […]

Surah Lahab tafseer and translation for kids

surah lahab

Are you on the quest for materials that make teaching Surah Al-Lahab both educational and engaging? Good news! Primary Ilm is thrilled to introduce its latest series of worksheets designed precisely for that. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or an enthusiastic homeschooling parent, these resources are about to become your go to for teaching. Why […]

Surah Kawther Tafseer for Kids

Have you ever found yourself in search of quality, engaging, and interactive Islamic worksheets to facilitate your students’ or children’s understanding of the Holy Quran? Look no further! Primary Ilm’s newest release is here to enhance the experience of learning about ‘Surah Kawther’ for young learners. Why Surah Kawther? Among the shortest yet profound Surahs […]