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Tajweed worksheets pdf

Looking for Tajweed worksheets in pdf format for your kids or students?

Tajweed worksheets are a great way to help kids learn about different tajweed rules. At Primary Ilm we have a range of Tajweed related workpacks that kids love! You can join the membership to download these worksheets and over a thousand other Islamic worksheets, colouring pages and activities.

Tajweed worksheets: Ghunna

tajweed worksheets pdf ghunna
Tajweed worksheets pdf: Ghunna Worksheets

These Ghunna worksheets have the following pages:

  • Ghunna rule
  • Finding noon and meem tashdeed
  • Sorting noon and meem tashdeed
  • A ghunnah words sorting activity
  • Ghunna flashcards
  • Ghunnah or no ghunnah physical sorting cards

Tajweed worksheets: Qalqalah

qalqalah worksheets
Tajweed worksheets pdf: Qalqalah worksheets

These Qalqalah worksheets have the following pages:

  • Qalqalah rule
  • Finding Qalqalah letters
  • Qalqalah sorting activity
  • Finding and copying qalqalah words for each letter
  • A sheet with an explanation of Qalqalah at the end of ayahs
  • Finding and reading Qalqalah in ayahs
  • Physically sorting qalqalah flashcards

Tajweed worksheets: Ikhfa worksheets

tajweed worksheets pdf ikhfa
Tajweed worksheets pdf: Ikhfa worksheets

These Ikhfa worksheets have the following pages:

  • Ikhfa rule
  • Finding ikhfa letters
  • Find noon saakin and tanween words
  • Sort noon saakin and tanween words 
  • Find ikhfa words
  • Sort ikhfa words
  • Ikha or no ikhfa flash cards for sorting game

Tajweed bookmark

Tajweed bookmark

This tajweed bookmark has all the main rules for kids to revise. It’s colourful, eye-catching and most importantly the kids really seem to like it Alhamdulillah. You can order this bookmark via Primary Ilm’s etsy shop.

I use this bookmark with the tajweed target cards I have put on the website. At first the kids are introduced to the rule and I go through it so they understand it. After that they learn the rule and they have to say it every day to me for a week. Once they know it properly, they then have to find words corresponding to a rule in a non-colour coded Quran. We do this for a week and then they move onto saying it the week after. They are pretty secure by the end of the 3 weeks, but i always revisit the same rules if they begin to slip.

Tajweed books

There are a number of great Tajweed books out there which are kid friendly and really well made. Click here to learn more.

I will be uploading more tajweed worksheets in pdf format every month Insha’Allah.

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