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Looking for a list of different Tajweed books? Are you learning tajweed as a beginner? Or are you a teacher or parent in need of a Tajweed book to teach children or other adults? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

I have been a beginner Tajweed learner and a teacher of small children for a while. I have also taught adults the basics of Tajweed and have bought my fair share of Tajweed books. 

Nowadays, there is a great variety of Tajweed books that have been published Alhamdulillah. It has been truly uplifting to see the number of Tajweed books increase each year. I have compiled a list a few good Tajweed books for learning, teaching and referencing purposes. 

Rules of Tajweed- Safar Publications

Safar publications Tajweed book

This Tajweed book follows on from the popular Safar Qaidah. The purpose of this book is to consolidate and become proficient at reciting with Tajweed. There are 7 levels in this book which cover lots of rules including: 

  • Qalqala
  • Lam and raa rules
  • Full mouth letters
  • Ikhfa shafwi, idgham shafwi and Izhar shafwi
  • Qalb, Ikhfa and Izhaar
  • Idghaam with and without ghunna
  • Madd muttasil, madd munfasil, madd Arid, Lazim and Asli

Each level begins with an explanation and requires the student to memorise the rule. After that, there are lots of pages in which kids have ample opportunity to spot and practise the rule. There is guidance on how to teach and use the book in the first few pages along with adab of reading the Quran. 

All in all, this is a fantastic book for kids to practise and improve their tajweed. When they learn a new rule in their Qaidah, and once they can spot it, I will use this book and get them to recite the ayahs with Tajweed. I use these target cards to keep track of their individual targets , which they keep in their Qurans or Qaidahs. This way, each child knows what they need to be practicing.

Where can I buy this from?

Visit Safar Publications to purchase this book. They offer a 30% discount for institutions. This book is also available to buy from Amazon (no discount via Amazon).

Tajweed Untangled- Learning roots

Tajweed untangled- Learning Roots

This Tajweed book has plenty to offer and differs from the Safar book as it has diagrams and reflective writing tasks. It can be used by children and adults alike and is a good book to use for those that are beginners. This book covers lots of rules including:

  • Sound origins: throat, lips, tongue 
  • Stop sounds and symbols
  • Pauses 
  • Laam and Raa rules
  • Qalqalah
  • Ghunnah
  • Full and empty mouth letters
  • Noon sakin, tanween
  • Idghaam and meem saakin
  • Natural, optional and compulsory madd

Where can I buy this from?

Visit Learning Roots to purchase this book. This book is also available to buy from Amazon.

If a child is learning from this book (or any Tajweed book), having hands on Tajweed games like this sorting one is a good way to help them remember the rule. There is also an interactive tajweed game that can be downloaded under our Tajweed section. In the Ghunnah interactive game, children simple tap on the words that they would read with ghunnah and say the word as they do it. The slides will reveal if their choice was correct.

Tajweed Guide- An Nasihah Publications

An Nasiha Publications

This book is child friendly, colourful and comes in A5 and A4 sizes. Each page introduces the rule, has an example and then an activity related to the rule. There is also a colourful makharij page in the book which does a great job of showing where each letter originates from. I’ve purchased a book for each of the children in my class. I usually introduce a rule every week and then the kids will work on a page or two over the week. The design of the Tajweed Guide is clear and simple and the tajweed books contain all the basic rules like:

  • Qalqala, ghunna, ikhfaa, izhaar
  • Idghaam (with and without ghunna)
  • Meem saakin and raa rules
  • The word Allah
  • Stops and symbols

Where can I buy this from?

Visit An-Nasiha publications to order your copy. You can also buy the Tajweed guide on Amazon.

To get the best out of each book, having a good teacher is essential as they can provide feedback on whether the pronunciation is correct or in need of improvement.

Have you used any of the above books? Do you use any other Tajweed books in your class or at home? We have some sheets and activities on certain rules in the Primary Ilm membership that will help on your teaching and learning journey Inshallah.

Our membership will give you access to thousands of sheets and lots of activities related to the Arabic alphabet and Islamic studies in general. We have hundreds of current members and welcome their resource requests. New resources are uploaded every week and we work hard to provide good quality downloads for teachers and parents everywhere.

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