Tanween Worksheets: An Innovative Approach to Quran Teaching

kasratayn tanween

Struggling to find engaging and effective teaching materials? As a Quran teacher, I’ve faced this challenge and it led me to create a unique set of worksheets centred on Tanween, a concept that often falls in the shadows. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through these innovative worksheets, which aim to elevate the teaching […]

Idgham tajweed

idgham worksheets

What is idgham? Idgham means to merge. In Tajweed, idgham is the merging of two sounds. Idgham happens when an idgham letter comes after noon saakin or tanween. When merging, the sound should come from the nose. In Tajweed we call this making a nasal sound. Types of idgham in Tajweed 2. Idghaam without ghunnah […]

Islamic worksheets

teach islam

Are you looking for printable Islamic worksheets for kids? We’ve got you covered! Here at Primary Ilm we have over 1000 Islamic worksheets and activities for kids. Our content is: We also regularly update the website and add an additional resource at least once a week! We recognised the need of good Islamic content for […]

Tongue letters in Arabic

tongue letters in arabic

There are a total of 18 tongue letters in the Arabic language. In order to get reward for reading the Quran we should articulate our letters in the correct way. Learning the articulation points is important in correctly pronouncing the makhraj of the letters.  They are as follows: ت ث د ذ ر ز س […]

Tajweed worksheets pdf

tajweed worksheets

Looking for Tajweed worksheets in pdf format for your kids or students? Tajweed worksheets are a great way to help kids learn about different tajweed rules. At Primary Ilm we have a range of Tajweed related workpacks that kids love! You can join the membership to download these worksheets and over a thousand other Islamic […]

Qalqalah letters

Qalqalah letters

There are a total of 5 letters of Qalqalah. They are as follows:  قْ طْ بْ جْ دْ  Daal, Jeem, Baa, Taa, Qaaf If the above 5 letters have a sukoon on top then we should read them with a slight echo sound. The word Qalqalah means to ‘shake’ or ‘vibrate’. We should take care […]