Qalqalah letters

Qalqalah letters

There are a total of 5 letters of Qalqalah. They are as follows:

 قْ طْ بْ جْ دْ 

Daal, Jeem, Baa, Taa, Qaaf

If the above 5 letters have a sukoon on top then we should read them with a slight echo sound. The word Qalqalah means to ‘shake’ or ‘vibrate’. We should take care not to alter the way we read any letters before or after the Qalqalah letter (unless a tajweed rule needs to be applied).

Try and practise the rule by saying the following words:

أَقْ  أَطْ  أَبْ  أَجْ  أَدْ

Listen to some good reciters and copy the way they read their Qalqalah words. Remember practice makes perfect!

An easy way to remember the 5 letters of Qalqalah is to remember the following word which contains all 5 letters of Qalqalah:

قطب جد

Types of Qalqalah

There are 3 different types of Qalqalah:

  • Strong echo (Qalqalah Kubra): comes at the end of an ayah





Even though these particular  examples don’t have a sukoon on them, because they come at the end of an ayah, you would read them with Qalqalah as it is preferred. 

  • Medium echo (Qalqalah Wusta): comes at the end of a word; middle of an ayah


لَقَدْ  خَلَقْنَا  ٱلْإِنسَـٰنَ  فِىْ  كَبَدٍ

This word here is in the middle of an ayah and as such we would read it with a medium echo sound. Can you also spot the other types of Qalqalah in this Ayah?

  • Light echo: (Qalqalah Sughra): comes in the middle of a word; beginning, middle or end of an ayah


إِلَّا  ابْتِغَآءَ  وَجْهِ  رَبِّهِ  الْأَعْلَىٰ

The letter baa comes in the middle of a word here and so the echo will be light. 

Try looking in the Quran and having a go at reading with Qalqlah. Then listen to a reciter read it and see how accurate you were at reading. 

Qalqalah letters activity sheets

qalqalah rule
Qalqalah worksheets

Check out these Qalqalah activity sheets we have for kids (or adults!) who are learning all about Qalqalah! This download contains the following:

  • Qalqalah rule
  • Qalqalah letter spot sheet
  • Sorting words into columns of Qalqalah or no Qalqalah
  • Finding qalqalah worksheet in the Quran
  • A physical sorting game
  • A Qalqalah reading activity

Tajweed worksheets

Head over to the Tajweed tab where you will be able to download lots more Tajweed worksheets and activity packs. We currently have the following resources and always update this section every month with new additions.

tajweed sheets
Tajweed worksheets
  • Ghunnah presentation
  • Ghunnah card activity
  • Tajweed target cards
  • Fatha, Dhamma and kasra activity pages
  • Qaida practise sheets
  • Ghunna card activity
  • Ghunna activity pack
  • Ikhfa presentation
  • Ikhfa activity pack
  • Shadda practise

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