tongue letters in arabic

Tongue letters in Arabic

There are a total of 18 tongue letters in the Arabic language. In order to get reward for reading the Quran we should articulate our letters in the correct way. Learning the articulation points is important in correctly pronouncing the makhraj of the letters. 

They are as follows:

ت ث د ذ ر ز س ص ط ظ ن ج ش ي ق ك ض ل 

These 18 letters are known as the tongue letters in Arabic which are pronounced from different parts of the tongue.

ت ث د ذ ر ز س ص ط ظ ن ل

These 12 letters are pronounced from the tip of the tongue. This means that the head of the tongue should touch the edge of the front two teeth or just behind them.

ج ش ي

The exit point for these 3 letters is from the middle part of the tongue

ق ك

These 2 letters are pronounced from the back part of the tongue. 


The exit point of this letter is from the middle part of the tongue. To say the letters correctly, the side of the tongue should touch the upper teeth.

tongue letters arabic
Tongue letters in Arabicdownload here

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