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Idgham tajweed

What is idgham?

Idgham means to merge.

In Tajweed, idgham is the merging of two sounds.

Idgham happens when an idgham letter comes after noon saakin or tanween.

When merging, the sound should come from the nose. In Tajweed we call this making a nasal sound.

Types of idgham in Tajweed

  1. Idghaam with ghunnah
idgham tajweed

2. Idghaam without ghunnah

These slides are part of a 22 slide presentation on idgham. You can download both of these by becoming a Primary ilm member. To find out more, click here.

idgham examples

Idgham worksheets

Looking for some idgham worksheets for your kids or students? We’ve got you covered with this 10 page download which includes:

  • A basic idgham poster
  • Find the idgham letter activity
  • Noon saakin and tanween sheet
  • Spot the idgham with and without ghunna words
  • Find and circle idgham
  • A sorting activity
  • Finding idgham in ayahs
  • Idgham or no idgham flashcards

Idgham videos- Youtube

This video by the company ‘Islamic Lessons made Easy’ breaks down idgham in a simple way. You can check it out here.

For a more kid friendly explanation, check out this video by Quran 4 Kids.

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