arabic letter worksheets for kids

Arabic letter worksheets

At primary ilm we have loads of free Arabic letter worksheets for kids. Simply register using the login page and visit the ARABIC LETTERS page under the RESOURCES tab.

I spy Arabic letters

This free ‘I spy arabic letter’ download is a great practical way to get kids to find a certain letter. The children need to colour the letter ‘jeem’ for example and then colour in all the ‘jeem’ letters in the same colour. This download is just a sample of 5 pages. The full booklet of 11 pages can be downloaded if you are a Primary Ilm member.

arabic letter worksheets
Free Arabic letter worksheets

Arabic letter poster

This cute 2 page poster pack is great fun for the children to learn as they colour. The picture poster with the words will get them thinking about how the Arabic letters form to make words which actually mean something. This interests them greatly and can be a good conversation starter about Arabic words and how each word means something significant in the Quran.

arabic letter poster
Arabic letter poster

I spy joint Arabic Letters

This free ‘I spy joint Arabic Letters’ booklet is a good starting point for kids to learn and begin to recognise their joint letters. Like the previous ‘I spy’ booklet, this one requires the child to colour in one of the circle letters in and then use a matching colour to find the corresponding letter.

arabic letter sheets
Arabic letter sheets

This is a free sample pack of 5 pages, which is part of a 29 page download in the Primary ilm membership.

Arabic joint letter mat

A free, joint Arabic letter mat for kids to use as a reference when they begin to join letters. Simply join Primary ilm for free by registering using the Login > Register button.

arabic joint letter mat
Arabic joint letter mat

Arabic letter colouring booklet

My students love colouring these pages. Sometimes, they will paint the letter, or use pastels or I will give them a different type of colour to change it up a bit. They always ask for more each week. 

arabic letter colouring booklet
Arabic letter colouring booklet

Arabic Alphabet booklet

This free Arabic booklet download has big pictures that kids find enjoyable to colour. Download now by joining Primary ilm for free. 

Arabic alphabet booklet

Arabic alphabet cards

arabic letter trace cards
Arabic letter trace cards

These Arabic letter cards are a great way to get kids to learn their letters. I use them in the following way:

  • Kids use a whiteboard pen to trace letters
  • Order the letters from Alif to Yaa (or whatever letter they’re on)
  • ‘Find the letter’ game. The kids love this game and beg to play it almost every session! I just lay all the cards out (in any order) and say a letter. The first child to ‘snap’ whilst finding the right letter gets to keep the card. The one with the most cards at the end wins the game.

Arabic letter bookmark

Finally, this free Arabic letter bookmark can be downloaded and used in the following ways:

arabic letter bookmark
Arabic letter bookmark

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