Sukoon in Arabic: Teaching Qaida with Primary Ilm’s Worksheets

Teaching sukoon, a foundational element of the Arabic language, can often be a challenging task, especially for young learners. Whether you’re an educator in Quran and Islamic studies or a dedicated Muslim homeschooler, the quest for tools that make teaching both simple and interactive is ongoing. Primary Ilm is here to bridge that gap, offering […]

Tashkeel: Teach Kids Arabic the fun way


Let’s face it – teaching kids Arabic can seem a bit daunting, right? With all its symbols, sounds, and rules, you might wonder where to start. That’s where ‘tashkeel’ jumps in to save the day. This blog is your friendly guide to teaching tashkeel to kids, and we’re also excited to introduce you to our […]

Arabic letter worksheets

arabic letter worksheets for kids

At primary ilm we have loads of free Arabic letter worksheets for kids. Simply register using the login page and visit the ARABIC LETTERS page under the RESOURCES tab. I spy Arabic letters This free ‘I spy arabic letter’ download is a great practical way to get kids to find a certain letter. The children need […]

Tajweed bookmark


Want to know where to download or purchase this bookmark from?
Read on to find out how to use it with your pupils or kids!

How to teach kids Quran-part 1


If you are in a position where you are fortunate enough to be teaching children the Quran or Qaidah, take a moment to reflect on the immense blessing that Allah has bestowed upon you. The following post will give tip and strategies on how to teach kids Quran. The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said: ‘The best of […]

How to teach kids Qalqalah


Introducing Qalqalah to kids How do you teach kids Qalqalah? When a child is on Quran, one of the hardest pronunciations is reading the Qalqalah letters in the correct way. At first I just familiarise the children with Qalqalah letters. I refer to them as echo letters when teaching children the saakin page. At this […]