Arabic letter worksheets

arabic letter worksheets for kids

At primary ilm we have loads of free Arabic letter worksheets for kids. Simply register using the login page and visit the ARABIC LETTERS page under the RESOURCES tab. I spy Arabic letters This free ‘I spy arabic letter’ download is a great practical way to get kids to find a certain letter. The children need […]

How to teach children Quran- part 2

teaching quran

Today’s blog post is carrying on from part 1 in the how to teach children Quran series. This post will continue to focus on how to teach Quran starting from the early stages of Qaidah. My child knows the arabic alphabet, now what? Before moving on to introducing harakahs, make sure that your child or […]

Arabic alphabet worksheets

arabic alphabet worksheets

These Arabic Alphabet worksheets have been a best seller for some time now! Read on below to find out why! Being a teacher, you come across children of all abilities. You get the ones who just need you to say the letters once and they’re good to go and practise themselves. Those are the ones […]