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For Quran and Islamic studies teachers, as well as Muslim homeschoolers, teaching the nuances of the Arabic language is a fundamental task. One such nuance, tanween, represents the sound at the end of an Arabic word. Reading and becoming familiar with tanween is crucial for reading the Quran correctly. Primary Ilm’s latest educational tool, the Tanween Flashcards, is designed to make learning this concept both fun and effective.

What Are the Tanween Flashcards?

Tanween flashcards by Primary Ilm are a set of 48 cards that illustrate the different uses of tanween in Arabic. Each card features a word with tanween marks, making it an excellent tool for teaching and reinforcing this important grammatical feature. The cards are versatile and can be used in multiple engaging ways to enhance learning.


Features of the Tanween Flashcards

  • Variety of Uses: These cards come with dotted and dot-free versions to suit different learning stages. There is a coloured dotted version and a grey one.
  • Instruction Page Included: For guidance on how to effectively use the cards in lessons or practice sessions.

Engaging Ways to Use Tanween Flashcards

Incorporating Tanween flashcards into your teaching repertoire can transform the learning experience. Here are some creative ways to use these flashcards:

  • Interactive Games: Spread the cards out and call out words. The first child to identify the correct card keeps it, turning learning into a fun competition.
  • Peer Learning: Split the cards between two children and have them read the words to each other, enhancing both reading and speaking skills.
  • Group Review: Use the cards in a group setting, allowing children to say the words aloud, reinforcing pronunciation and understanding.
  • Writing Practice: Use the cards to practice writing Arabic on a whiteboard, helping students visualize and remember the forms.

Teaching Tanween Effectively

Teaching tanween effectively requires creativity and patience. Here are some tips to help make your lessons more engaging:

Start with the Basics

Before diving into using the flashcards, ensure that students understand what tanween is and go through each symbol individually. Start with fathatayn firts and once they are secure with this, then move onto kasraytan and finally dammatayn.

Use Repetition

Repetition is key in language learning. Regularly integrate the flashcards into your lessons to help students internalize the sounds and uses of tanween.

Create a Reward System

Motivate students by creating a reward system for correct answers or for improvement in their usage of tanween. This could be as simple as stickers or points towards a class reward.

Incorporate Technology

If possible, use digital tools to create more interactive and visually engaging lessons with the tanween flashcards. This could include digital whiteboards or learning apps that allow for custom card uploads.

Why do I need these cards?

The Tanween Flashcards are more than just a teaching aid; they are a gateway to mastering an essential aspect of the Arabic language. Whether in a classroom, at home, or in a madrasa, these cards provide a tangible and interactive way to boost understanding and enjoyment in learning to read Quran.

Where can I find the Tanween cards?

Primary ilm’s latest resource ‘tanween cards’ are now available to download under the RESOURCES > QAIDA section of the website. These are not physical cards but instead are downloadable. You can access these cards when you join the Primary ilm membership.

Why join the Primary Ilm membership?

At Primary Ilm, we understand the challenges of teaching Arabic and Islamic studies. Our resources, including the Tanween flashcards, are developed with the goal of making Islamic education accessible, engaging, and effective. By signing up for our premium content, educators gain access to a wide range of meticulously designed educational tools.

The Primary ilm membership is very reasonable and will give you access to the following topics for an entire year:

  • Five pillars of Islam
  • Surah tafseer
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  • Prophets
  • Hadith
  • Arabic Letters
  • Qaida
  • Tajweed
  • Activity pages, cards, games, ebooks and more!

Each topic contains hundred of worksheets and more. We are continuously adding a resource regularly and now have over 2000 islamic worksheets in our library. Want to join the membership? Click here for more info.

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