Allah made everything

Allah made everything for kids

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Nurture the love of Allah from a young age by introducing them to Him via different methods. Talk about Him, and how much He loves them. Talk about how Allah can help them when no one else can.

Aside from talking you can show them a few video clips about Allah from Youtube.

“Allah made everything” – Nasheed by Zain Bikha

“Allah is Al Khaliq- The Creator” – Children of Islam

“Amazing Creations of Allah with Zaky”- One4Kids

You can also read the following books about Allah to kids as reading books with them is a fantastic way to bond and build long lasting memories with your kids.

Allah made everything Ebook

Primary Ilm has made this ebook as the first in a series on “Getting to know Allah.”

The Ebook is great for early readers and was made specifically with them in mind. We want there to be a whole collection of Islamic books for kids to access. Whilst we do get requests to print and sell these books, we have decided to keep them digital.

You can download this ebook under the RESOURCES tab. The ebook will be under the FIVE PILLARS tab. However you need to be a Primary Ilm member to download this. We also have an Ebook on “Who is Allah?”

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