Zakah facts for kids

zakah facts

As Islamic studies educators and dedicated Muslim homeschoolers, our primary mission is to instill a love and understanding of the Deen in our children. One of the five pillars of Islam, Zakah, is a cornerstone of our faith and offers lessons in generosity, community, and the purification of wealth. But how can we make this […]

Wudhu steps

wudhu steps lesson plan

Wudhu is really important in Islam, and it’s all about cleansing ourselves both physically and spiritually before we engage in acts of worship, like prayer. This blog post will discuss the significance of wudhu, break down the wudhu steps, and give you some handy tips on how to teach kids wudhu using flashcards and a […]

Printable Eid cards

eid cards

Have you seen the last printable Eid cards series we released last year? That one has Eid Al-Adha specific cards too and a few different designs. To download it you need to be a Primary ilm member. You can read more about that here. Looking for ‘How to make an Eid card?’ Scroll down to […]

Ramadan lesson

ramadan lesson plan

Looking for an introduction to Ramadan lesson plan? At Primary ilm we’ve got you covered with a whole lesson plan, including a range of activities. We’ve included part of the lesson plan so that you can have a closer look before deciding to download. To access the Ramadan lesson plan along with related activities, join […]

Ramadan activity booklet

ramadan booklet for kids

Are you looking for a printable Ramadan activity booklet? This Ramadan activity booklet has the following: To gain instant access to this download along with over 1000 Islamic sheets and activities, join the Primary Ilm membership, which you can read about here. How to use this Ramadan activity booklet? I used the All about Ramadan […]

Ramadan Presentation

ramadan presentation for kids

To download this Ramadan presentation including all 12 slides, you need to be a school subscriber. For more info, click here. We have loads of free Ramadan printables, read about and learn how to access them here. What topics are covered in the Ramadan Presentation? The presentation covers the following aspects of Ramadan: This page […]