Allah made everything for kids

Allah made everything

Get this ‘Allah made everything’ booklet for kids by signing up for the Primary Ilm membership here. Nurture the love of Allah from a young age by introducing them to Him via different methods. Talk about Him, and how much He loves them. Talk about how Allah can help them when no one else can. […]

Prophets in islam

prophets in islam

How many prophets are there in islam? There are a total of 25 prophets in Islam that are mentioned in the Quran. The first Prophet that Allah chose was also the first man; Adam (as). The last prophet that Allah sent was Prophet Muhmmad (pbuh). According to a few weak hadith, there were thousands of […]

Six pillars of imaan

What are the six pillars of imaan? In Islam, there are six pillars of imaan that Muslims believe in. The term imaan refers to faith. These beliefs are taken from the Quran, specifically the following ayah: “O you who believe! Keep faith in Allah and His Messenger and the Book which He revealed to His […]

Who is Allah for kids

allah for kids

‘Who is Allah?’ a kid asks. How can you begin to answer such a seemingly simple yet complex question? Explaining the answer to an adult when they ask ‘who is Allah?’ can be answered by referring to Surah Ikhlaas and telling them to study the 99 names of Allah. But with kids, the answer needs […]