prophets in islam

Prophets in islam

How many prophets are there in islam?

There are a total of 25 prophets in Islam that are mentioned in the Quran. The first Prophet that Allah chose was also the first man; Adam (as). The last prophet that Allah sent was Prophet Muhmmad (pbuh). According to a few weak hadith, there were thousands of Prophets that Allah sent to mankind (Allah knows best). 

The Prophets were sent by Allah to guide and teach people to worship Allah. They taught people to stay away from evil and to do good deeds. They were the best of people and had incredible akhlaaq (good character) and an unshakeable and firm faith in Allah.

Here at Primary ilm have created a 25 prophets poster which can be downloaded for free right here.

Names of the prophets in islam

Names of the 25 prophets

  1. Adam
  2. Idris
  3. Nuh
  4. Hud
  5. Salih
  6. Ibrahim
  7. Lut
  8. Ismail
  9. Ishaq
  10. Yaqub
  11. Yusuf
  12. Ayyub
  13. Shuaib
  14. Musa
  15. Haroon
  16. Dhul-Kifl
  17. Dawud
  18. Sulaiman
  19. Ilyas
  20. Al-Yasa
  21. Yunus
  22. Zakariya
  23. Yahya
  24. Isa
  25. Muhammad

May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them all.

Stories of the prophets in islam

Prophets in islam activities

At Primary Ilm we have loads of resources on the Prophets in Islam. We try and upload one every month. 

So far we have the following free prophets resources:

  • The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s family tree activity
  • Prophet Isa date palm activity
  • 25 Prophets in Islam poster
  • Prophet Adam writing and activity pack
  • Prophet Nuh activity and writing pack

We also have the following Prophet’s resources for our members:

  • The birth of Prophet Isa (as)
  • Prophet Isa (as) colouring sheets and worksheets
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s childhood story and colouring sheets
  • The year of the elephant colouring pages
  • Hijra to Madina story, colouring sheets and activity pages
  • Story of Isra wal Miraj with teaching notes and activity ideas

 If you’d like to join the Primary Ilm membership, click here for more info. Check out the Prophets resource page here.

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