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The Story of Ibrahim (as) with worksheets

As dedicated Quran and Islamic studies educators, or Muslim homeschooling champions, we are always on the lookout for innovative and engaging resources to help our students thrive in their learning journey. At Primary Ilm, we understand this need and have tailored a fantastic new collection just for you. Our latest offering is centered around the story of Ibrahim (as). The story comes alive with our carefully designed worksheets and activity sheets.

Unveiling the ‘Story of Ibrahim’ Worksheets Collection

Our new collection allows students to immerse themselves in the tale of Prophet Ibrahim (as). His unwavering faith, and his countless sacrifices for the sake of Allah are a great example for everyone to follow. These worksheets not only detail his story but also allow students to reflect, understand, and act upon the lessons taught.

  1. Question Sheet: Encourage students to dive deep, think, and reflect on the narrative details.
  2. True or False Sheet: An excellent tool for revision and to assess comprehension.
  3. Draw, Write, and Colour Sheet: A delightful blend of creativity and recap, this sheet offers a unique way for kids to retell the ‘story of Ibrahim’.
  4. Trace the Words of Ibrahim Sheet: Perfect for younger students, this worksheet enhances word recognition and writing skills.
  5. Colouring Sheet: Let the little artists shine while reinforcing the story’s key components.
  6. Craft Activity: A hands-on approach, this star, sun, and moon mobile craft ties in beautifully with the story’s theme. It reminds kids of Prophet Ibrahim’s reflections on these celestial bodies as signs from Allah.

Why Incorporate the ‘Story of Ibrahim’ in Your Curriculum?

Teaching our children about Prophet Ibrahim (as) is not just about recounting a tale from the past. It’s about instilling values of faith, trust, sacrifice, and submission to Allah’s will. These worksheets ensure students not only remember the ‘story of Ibrahim’ but also apply its teachings in their daily lives.

story of ibrahim

Tips to Teach the ‘Story of Ibrahim’ Effectively

  • Interactive Narration: Instead of merely reading out the story, engage students with interactive storytelling. Use voice modulations, hand gestures, and even props to bring the story to life.
  • Open Discussions: After reading the story, facilitate an open discussion. Ask open-ended questions and encourage students to share their reflections and understandings.
  • Relate to their Lives: Discuss scenarios from everyday life where they can emulate Prophet Ibrahim’s qualities of trust, patience and faith.
  • Use the Worksheets: Incorporate the Primary Ilm worksheets systematically. For instance, start with the question sheet, progress to the true/false and recap sheets, and finally engage in the fun craft activity.

Experience the Best of Primary Ilm

At Primary Ilm we are continuously striving to provide you with the best of resources, both free and premium. Our premium collection, accessible through a one-off membership fee, opens doors to a treasure trove of meticulously designed worksheets across various Islamic themes. Become a member, and get access to the story of prophet Ibrahim collection along with a plethora of other resources to enrich your teaching experience.

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (as) is a vital lesson in dedication, love, and faith. Equip yourself with Primary Ilm’s latest collection and ensure that your students or children grasp, remember, and live the invaluable teachings of this monumental tale.

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