The Zamzam Story with worksheets

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Discover the Tale of Prophet Ismail in a Child-Friendly Format Welcome to Primary Ilm, where we specialise in providing Islamic-based educational resources for Quran and Islamic studies teachers, as well as Muslim homeschoolers. We are excited to introduce our latest collection of worksheets centered around the enriching story of Prophet Ismail and the miraculous Zamzam […]

The Story of Ibrahim (as) with worksheets

prophet ibrahim worksheet

As dedicated Quran and Islamic studies educators, or Muslim homeschooling champions, we are always on the lookout for innovative and engaging resources to help our students thrive in their learning journey. At Primary Ilm, we understand this need and have tailored a fantastic new collection just for you. Our latest offering is centered around the […]

Islamic worksheets

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Are you looking for printable Islamic worksheets for kids? We’ve got you covered! Here at Primary Ilm we have over 1000 Islamic worksheets and activities for kids. Our content is: We also regularly update the website and add an additional resource at least once a week! We recognised the need of good Islamic content for […]

Christmas in Islam

christmas in islam

This post on Christmas in Islam will address Muslim and Christian’s beliefs about Isa (as) and will look at Christmas traditions and whether Muslims can celebrate Christmas. To download the Christmas in Islam presentation, click here. What is Christmas? The word ‘Christmas’ is made up of 2 words: ‘Christ’ (Jesus) and ‘Mass’ which means a […]