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Story of Prophet Musa with activity booklet

As Quran and Islamic studies teachers or Muslim homeschoolers, one of the most captivating stories to teach children is that of Prophet Musa (AS). This narrative is not only full of adventure but also brims with lessons on trust, perseverance, and faith. At Primary Ilm, we’re excited to introduce our latest resources designed to bring this epic story to life for your students and children through our comprehensive worksheets and activity booklet.

Discovering the Story of Prophet Musa

The journey of Prophet Musa (AS) from his infancy in the Nile to his prophetic mission in the court of Firawn (Pharaoh) is a foundational story in Islamic teachings. Our newly released worksheets cover the first part of his life, offering detailed narratives and engaging activities that will captivate the imagination of young learners.

What’s Included?

Our Prophet Musa resource pack includes:

  • Story Worksheets: Detailing the events from his birth to the moment before his return to Firawn. These are colouring and writing worksheets.
  • Activity Booklet: Featuring various activities such as fill-in-the-blanks, Q&A, true or false, match keywords to definitions, a wordsearch, tracing the dua made by Musa to Allah, and a craft activity on the splitting of the sea.

prophet musa

These materials are meticulously crafted to help children visualize and understand the story in a structured and interactive way.

Engaging Ways to Teach About Prophet Musa

Teaching the story of Prophet Musa (AS) can be made profoundly impactful with the right tools and approaches. Here’s how you can make the most out of our resources:

Interactive Storytelling

Use the story worksheets to tell the fascinating tale in a series of sessions. Break down the story into manageable parts and encourage students to imagine the scenes as they unfold. This method helps in retaining attention and improving comprehension.

Activity-Based Learning

Incorporate the activities from the booklet to reinforce the lessons. Each activity is designed to complement the story, ensuring that students not only remember the events but also understand their significance.

  • True or False: This can help clarify common misconceptions about the story.
  • Match Keywords to Definitions: Enhances vocabulary related to the story.
  • Crafting the Sea Splitting: Engages students creatively and helps them visualize one of the most miraculous events in Islamic history.

Utilize the Worksheets

Leverage the structured layout of our worksheets to provide a consistent learning experience. They are especially useful for reviewing key events and themes from the story. Encourage students to trace the dua of Musa. This will not only help in learning the dua but also in understanding its context and significance.

Why Primary Ilm’s Resources?

At Primary Ilm, we are committed to providing high-quality, engaging educational content that aligns with Islamic values. Our worksheets and activities are designed to make learning enjoyable and meaningful. By signing up for our premium content, educators and parents can access an extensive range of Islamic topics.

The story of Prophet Musa (AS) is more than a historical recount; it is a source of inspiration and guidance for all ages. With Primary Ilm’s worksheets and activity booklet, you can bring this incredible story into your classroom or home in a way that is both educational and engaging. Visit today to access these resources and help your students or children connect with one of the most influential prophets in Islam.

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