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Surah Quraish booklet for kids

Surah Quraish has always been a surah of significant importance and beauty in the Quran. To aid our devoted Quranic educators and passionate Muslim homeschooling parents in teaching this Surah, Primary Ilm is proud to unveil its latest addition – the Surah Quraish Tafseer Booklet. In an age where authentic Islamic resources are crucial, this booklet is your companion in ensuring that our youth deeply connect with the essence of Surah Quraish.

What’s Inside the Surah Quraish Tafseer Booklet?

Every aspect of our booklet has been crafted with the goal of fostering a deep understanding and connection to Surah Quraish:

  1. Original Arabic Text: Clear and legible, allowing students to read and recite with ease.
  2. Translation & Transliteration: An English translation ensures comprehension, while the transliteration aids those still getting familiar with Arabic pronunciation.
  3. Engaging Coloring Sheet: A fun and artistic way for children to connect with the Surah. Coloring while reciting can cement the words and meanings in their minds.
  4. Tafseer Sheet: Dive deeper into the Surah with our tafseer sheet that unpacks the messages and lessons behind each ayah.
  5. Interactive Matching Activity: With Arabic verses on one side and English translations on the other, kids can actively match them, reinforcing both understanding and memory.

Why Choose Primary Ilm’s Surah Quraish Tafseer Booklet?

Our world today is brimming with distractions. The beauty of this surah, and its valuable lessons, can be overshadowed in this noise. But with our booklet, students will find themselves immersed and engaged. Whether it’s the calm of colouring, the reflection in the tafseer, or the joy of matching the right ayahs – learning ‘Surah Quraish’ will be a memorable experience.

Moreover, Primary Ilm’s commitment to quality means you’re not just getting a worksheet. You’re investing in a well-researched, expertly crafted learning tool. Our resources, both free and premium, are designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of our Islamic teaching community.

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Go Premium with Primary Ilm!

For those seeking comprehensive access, consider our premium membership. A one-time payment opens the doors to our vast library, ranging from the pillars of Islam, tajweed, hadith, prophetic stories, duas, to elaborate tafseer and more. If you’ve loved our free worksheets, our premium collection will undoubtedly be a treasure for your teaching toolkit.

As educators and parents, you have embarked on a noble journey to enlighten young hearts with the words of Allah. Let our Surah Quraish Tafseer Booklet be the latest addition to your teaching bank, ensuring your students or children have a fulfilling Islamic journey.

Explore, download, and let the words of ‘Surah Quraish’ illuminate young hearts. With Primary Ilm by your side, every lesson is a step closer to understanding, love, and connection with the Quran.

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