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Ramadan printable activities

At Primary Ilm, we have lots of Ramadan printable activities. Simply sign up for free to gain access to a few printable sheets or join the Primary Ilm membership where you can access ALL the Ramadan activities, colouring pages, Ramadan ebook and so much more. We also have tons of Islamic posters, crafts, activities and colouring pages on other Islamic topics like the 5 pillars, and are growing our range this year Insha’Allah.

To see our free range, visit our Free Ramadan Printables page.  

Ramadan printable colouring page activity

We have loads of Ramadan colouring pages for little learners. I have uploaded a colouring version of the Ramadan Ebook for children to colour. It is also available in colour to make it more eye-catching. I recommend reading the coloured version of the ebook when introducing the topic to kids. The Ramadan Ebook serves well as a basic revision tool as we used it in our Ramadan workshops. The older kids liked looking at the pictures too and talked about what they knew and what they would like to learn more about.

ramadan colouring for kids
Ramadan colouring pages

Ramadan calendar

Last year, hundreds of fellow teachers and parents downloaded this Ramadan calendar. Head over to the RESOURCES tab and it will be under the FIVE PILLARS tab under Ramadan. I give each of my students the calendar the week before Ramadan. If they do an activity from the calendar, they can tick it off. I used to make it a competition to see who would do the most. But I might just give them the calendar this year without the added tension and see how they get on 🙂

Ramadan printable calendar

Giving kids the Ramadan deed tracker with the calendar will also help encourage and motivate them to maximize their potential to grow and make gains in their deeni goals.

Ramadan printable board game

This Ramadan board game can be downloaded from the FIVE PILLARS tab for members only. I had it printed in A3 size by my local printing shop. I also asked them to laminate it and it cost me around £5 for it. It’s great quality and still going strong a year later. We will be pulling it out again this Ramadan and playing it again. 

Ramadan printable board game

What’s included in this Ramadan board game?

The Ramadan game download comes with 3 sets of cards. I’ve included different coloured plain backing for each set so that the cards can be placed face down and still be recognisable:

Warm up cards (orange): These are basic questions and I would say most children (who have previously read or learned about Ramadan) will know the answers to these questions. Example: ‘What is the special night in Ramadan called? How many days of Ramadan are there?’

Challenge cards (red): These are slightly harder questions which also include some critical thinking questions such as: ‘Does having an injection break the fast? If someone is ill and misses a fast, what should they do? How do Islamic countries make it easier for Muslims to fast?’ 

Fun cards (blue): These cards have options to act or draw out certain islamic acts. Other team members have to guess what they are acting or drawing. First person to guess gets to move forward a place (along with the person who acted or drew). 

Ramadan game
Ramadan Board game

The aim of the game is to finish first. Player 1 will go first and roll the dice. If they end up on an orange square, the teacher or another player can ask them a question from the orange pile. If they answer correctly, they get one more go but they don’t need to answer any questions on their second go. Player 2 then has a go and so on. If they answer incorrectly, they don’t get a second go.

My students become very competitive when playing this game. It takes us a few weeks to finish (as we only play the board game once a week for about 15 minutes). 

Ramadan printable matching pair game

My little class love this matching game. Once they have finished reading, we sometimes play this in the last 5 or 10 minutes. It’s super simple and my 3 year old niece loves playing it too!

The kids take it in turns to turn over 2 cards. If they match, they get to keep the card and have another go. If they don’t make a match, the next player can have a go and so on.

Ramadan Bingo

My students are Bingo crazy! They play Ramadan bingo so much that the cards are falling apart. My students once asked if I had another type of Bingo (after playing Ramadan Bingo for over 1 and a half years). I made the Hajj bingo just to mix it up but they still love the ‘original’ Ramadan Bingo. You can download the Hajj bingo over on the Five Pillars tab if you are a Primary Ilm member.

ramadan bingo
Ramadan Bingo for kids

The kid usually pick a board each and grab a whiteboard marker. We then sit in a circle (I hold the Bingo calling cards). I have them ready in a handy compact drawer thing. For a simpler game I’ll just call out a card and lay it down and they will cross out the matching picture. You can make it a bit of a challenge by giving a clue and then they have to guess what picture you might be holding. Winners get a dojo (which is a reward system used by thousands of teachers across many countries- you can use this for free). 

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the Ramadan printable activities we have available for you to download at Primary Ilm. Join our membership today and gain instant access to all of these Ramadan printable activities along with hundreds of other Islamic resources.

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