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Hadith of the week

Having a hadith of the week to focus on can be a great way to begin to implement and practise on a particular hadith. Getting to know and familiarise yourself with the words of the prophet Muhammad (saw) is a good way to begin to build up your relationship with the Prophet. Once we begin to read his words we will automatically begin to love the Prophet Insha’Allah.

Such is the power of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s words that even after over 1400 years, they still carry the ability to move us in a way that no other words (aside from the Quran) can.

hadith booklet

You can download this hadith pack along with the blue one when you sign up to the Primary ilm membership. You will also gain instant access to 1000+ islamic worksheets. Check out more details on the membership here.

Hadith resources

There are quite a few hadith resources for kids. Some of the more popular ones are as follows:

The activity pages in the image above are available to download for our members. Visit the resources page to see the whole library of resources we have to offer. Check out the membership page to sign up.

Anafiya Gifts- www.anafiya.com

These Quiz cards are a quick 5 minute activity that the kids can get on with independently. I get my students to take 5 cards each. They then work in pairs or groups of three and take it in turns to ask each other questions. The cards are kept in an easy to reach position

Ilmbank- www.ilmbank.com

These cards are by Ilmbank, a fantastic islamic resource based website. As per the description, this free download contains: ‘Short ahadith taken from Nawawi’s collection of 40 ahadith.’ Display these in your classroom as hadith of the week throughout the year. You can fully edit the template and the cards are printer friendly!

These cute cards are free to download from A Muslim Homeschool. Simple click here to visit the webpage and download 🙂

A Muslim Homeschool- www.amuslimhomeschool.com

Primary Ilm membership

Join the Primary ilm membership, which gives you access to over a thousand Islamic worksheets and activities. Currently we have worksheets on the following topics:

  • Arabic letters
  • Prophets
  • Sunnahs
  • Duas
  • Surah tafseer
  • Five pillars and so much more!

Join the monthly Primary Ilm email list to receive our free resources which will be directly emailed to you at the end of every month.

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