bismillah for kids

Bismillah activities for kids

How to teach Bismillah to Kids (with activities)

Saying Bismillah before doing any task was encouraged by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) stated: ‘Verily, every act of kindness is charity. And whenever you begin a task, say ‘Bismillah’ for it will become a source of blessings for you.’ (Ibn Majah). Saying Bismillah will bring blessings to the task that is being done. This will more likely lead to success and fulfillment Insha’Allah.

Instilling the importance and habit of saying Bismillah in kids is crucial in helping kids achieve the blessings that are guaranteed. In today’s world, kids need all the blessings they can get and just by saying Bismillah will ensure that they will.

Tips on teaching kids ‘Bismillah’:

  1. Lead by example: Be a role model by saying Bismillah yourself. Kids are more likely to copy what you do then actually listen and follow what they are told. They are highly observant and curious with open minds and hearts. If you are telling them to do something and you are doing it yourself, they will more readily accept it enthusiastically.
  2. Use repetition: We are prone to forgetfulness and kids forget things all the time. You should always gently remind them until they have formed the habit of saying it without thinking. Say Bismillah out loud before doing any task like cooking or cleaning or even spending time with them. It will soon become second nature for them.
  3. Make learning about it fun. Check out this nasheed on Youtube (sung by Zaky-no music)
  4. Use visual aids- I have made an ebook on saying Bismillah. It shows a few kids engaged in different activities (see below) which you can go through together. I have also made cards with both the English and the Arabic word Bismillah, so that they can familiarize themselves with it. You can also stick these cards in random places around the classroom or house to remind them
  5. Worksheets- I have made free Bismillah worksheets and colouring page which you can download under the Duas and Surahs tab here. There is also a tracing sheet which goes over the Arabic and English. This download is for subscribers- if you’re interested, click here for more info.
bismillah activities for kids
Free Bismillah worksheets for kids-Download here

Some other Bismillah Activities ideas:

  • Get kids to unscramble the word Bismillah- you can write the letters on bits of paper and see if they can reorder it 
  • Kids can draw a picture of themselves doing their favourite activity and then write the words Bismillah next to it
  • Take a picture of your child doing something, print it out, stick it in a relevant place and then get them to write Bismillah under it. For example, if they like reading, take a picture of them reading a book, print it out and get them to write Bismillah under the picture. You can then stick this picture by the bookshelf.

Teaching kids the importance of saying Bismillah can therefore be a pleasant and rewarding experience for you and the kids Insha’Allah. Use fun activities, visual aids, repetition, worksheets, and lead by example. You can help your kids develop a lifelong habit of saying “Bismillah” before starting any task.

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