sunnah of eating for kids

Sunnahs of eating for kids

If you would like to read about all the sunnahs of eating and the supporting hadith, please check out this post on ‘Sunnah way of eating.’

This post will cover the following (please tap on the text to take you to the relevant section):

Sunnahs of eating lesson

Sunnah of eating class notes

I did this lesson on eating sunnahs last week with my students in Maktab. At the start of the session, I asked them if they would like to read the text under the pictures or if they would like me to read it. They said they wanted to read so I told them to take it in turns. My other class used to prefer me reading to them but after teaching for 14 years I’ve found that all my classes over the years have differed considerably from one another. 

Anyway, they really enjoyed reading aloud. I also teach in primary schools and pupils reading aloud to the class isn’t the norm, so I think they found it novel and enjoyable. 

They shared their experiences and joked about eating with 3 fingers. I love sessions where they really get into it and share their own thoughts and opinions. It means I get to address misconceptions, common questions and so much more. 

I will keep this in a booklet for my kids to refer back to once we start doing the related activities next week. You could hang it up in your class and just keep it there for the whole week whilst they complete their related activities.

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Sunnah way of eating activities

A few practical activities they can do are as follows:

  • Bring an item in from home and look at ingredients
  • Make a sunnah of eating poster
  • Make small packets of sunnah food and gift it to the local homeless shelter
  • Learn before and after eating Dua
  • Learn the translation of the duas

If you’ve got any other suggestions, drop them in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list.

Sunnahs of eating worksheets

Sunnah of eating activity

A plate of sunnah food activity

Kids just have to read the list out, then draw any (or all) the sunnah foods on to the plate template. You can hang them up in the week you are teaching this topic and they can then take it home at the end of the week. I keep folders for all the kids and once they’re full, they take all the sheets home with them.

Food in the Quran activity

This activity is a fun cut, sort and stick activity in which they will learn about which food and drink is mentioned in the Quran. 

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Sunnahs of eating resources

Check out this kid friendly video about eating sunnahs that you can play for your students. (Click the image below).

Sunnahs of eating with Zaky

We have created fun posters on eating sunnahs for kids that they can colour, take home and display in their kitchen or dining room.

This is a free download that you can download under RESOURCES > COLOURING.

sunnah of eating poster
Sunnah of eating poster

Sunnahs of eating Ebook and colouring pages

We have recently created an Ebook on the sunnahs of eating for kids. This book comes in 4 different variations. There are variations of the same resource with and without faces. This is because feedback and personal experiences have made us realise that some kids connect more when a character has facial expressions. Others simply draw the face on (as they naturally feel inclined to do so). We believe that faces for children’s product are permissible after consulting various scholars on the subject. However as some members prefer no faces, we have decided to include a no face edition for each of our resources. 

This resource comes in both a coloured version and in a black and white version.

Sunnah of eating colouring and ebook

Sunnah way of eating dates

There is a Hadith which mentions how the Prophet Muhammad ate dates in odd numbers. 

Anas bin Malik narrated: Allah’s Apostle never went (for the prayer) on the Day of ‘Eid-ul-Fitr unless he had eaten some dates.’ Anas also narrated: The Prophet used to eat odd number of dates.

(Sahih Bukhari, Book 15 Hadith 73)

This particular hadith refers to when leaving the house for Eid salah after Ramadan as the Prophet would eat dates in odd numbers. Aside from this, there is no hadith which specifically states that he would always eat dates in odd numbers. However, genrally odd numbers in Islam are prefarable. This is because the Prophet stated that Allah is one and he loves odd numbers. Therefore, eating dates in this manner (odd number) would be better, but there is no harm in eating 2 or 4 dates.

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