islamic journal for kids

Islamic Journal for kids

Why does my child need an Islamic journal?

I created this Islamic journal for kids for a number of reasons. Reading and writing levels have dropped in the UK and the US, which can be attributed in part to the rise of endless entertainment in the shape of social media, tv shows and movies. Kids should be actively reading and writing every other day at least. Schools rarely require children to write at length and most struggle with essay writing at University level because of this.

Writing is an important step in learning how to communicate effectively. Being able to organise your thoughts through writing and making a coherent sentence is something that lots of kids (and adults) struggle with. Writing is a powerful tool that Muslims of all ages should hone and improve so that they are able to communicate the beautiful aspects of our deen. They will also be able to communicate their feelings, emotions and thoughts on various topics and this ability will inevitably help them in their relationship with others. Writing properly is also the first step to becoming and excellent communicator and speaker.

This journal will Insha’Allah be the first step in getting kids accustomed to organising their thoughts and writing in a fun and interactive way. 

What’s inside this Islamic journal for kids?

This Islamic journal for kids contains 100 pages including:

  • Daily reflections on actions and events through drawing or writing
  • 60 Ahadith
  • Reflections on hadith through challenges
  • Prompts encouraging gratitude to Allah
  • Dua and surah logs
  • Sleeping and eating Sunnah trackers
  • A range of drawing activities
Pages from My Islamic Journal for kids

How should I use this journal?

This journal is designed to be used at least once a week. At the start of their writing journey, encourage your child to journal just once or twice a week. Once they have developed a habit and you can see that they are sticking to this routine, then increase this to a few times a week. 

If your child or student is a reluctant writer, they have the option to draw the thing they enjoyed doing the most. Drawing is a great way to nurture their creativity. Whilst they are drawing, encouraging them to talk about what they have done, will definitely help in improving their recall and oratory skills.

What’s inside the journal?

Kids first need to input the date, then colour in the day they are writing or drawing about. After that, they need to think about the things that they are thankful for. As parents or teachers we should give them prompts like: ‘what made you happy today? Why was that? What would you be sad about if it disappeared in your life? What object makes things easier (car, computer, washing machine etc)?’ 

They will soon get good at listing things they are thankful for. For my younger students who are still learning how to spell and write, I help with their spellings by encouraging them to sound the letters out. I don’t correct wrong spellings as the aim of this journal is not to improve spellings but rather to become better writers and reflectors. 

The next part is enjoyable for my students. Most of them love drawing something they enjoyed doing. Sometimes though, they might not feel like drawing and so writing a few sentences about what they enjoyed is completely fine and sometimes encouraged by me. 

islamic journal for children
A typical page from the Islamic Journal for kids

Where can I buy this journal from?

This journal is currently available to buy via etsy. If you find that it’s out of stock, please get in touch via email as I mostly keep spare ones onsite. If you are looking to purchase the journal in bulk, we offer a discount. Please contact us to get the discounted rate.

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