allah made everything

Allah the creator

Teach kids about Allah the creator using Primary ilm’s printable resources. We have a range of ebooks that you can download and print. I personally use these in my own classroom. If you’d like to learn how I use them read the final section titled: ‘Teaching kids about Allah’

The following books can be downloaded from the FIVE PILLARS tab under RESOURCES. You need to be a Primary ilm member to access these along with hundreds of other Islamic worksheets and more!

All about Allah

This ebook goes through some of Allah’s attributes and qualities. For example the first page is titled: ‘Allah is all-powerful.’ 

There is a colourful and eye-catching picture (which the kids love looking at). At the bottom of the page is a bit of text which states: ‘Allah is the most powerful being in the whole universe. He can do anything and everything.’

allah the creator for kids
All about Allah

When I read this to my kids, they were very enthusiastically proclaiming how Allah ‘made every single thing.’ 

You can download this ebook if you are a primary ilm member. To learn more about the membership, click here.

Allah made everything

Allah made everything
Allah the creator ebook for kids

This ebook goes through some of the things Allah has created and how those particular things help us. This is a great way to connect Allah with everyday things for kids as they will begin to see Allah in everything. The first page says: ‘Allah made the sun. The sun keeps us warm.’

This is a great starting point for a discussion on some other ways that the sun helps keep us warm. Kids should ultimately come to the conclusion that Allah made everything with this ebook and the resulting discussion.

You can also introduce a little activity (free download) which helps kids differentiate between things Allah made and things Humans have made (with Allah’s help). This free download is under the five pillars tab.

game about allah
Allah made everything sorting game

Allah the nurturer

This book goes through the things Allah has made and how he has nurtured things to grow and how he makes certain things from others. One of the pages for example states: ‘Allah created a seedling and turned it into a tree.’ The idea behind it is to recognise Allah as the creator and ultimate nurturer.

Allah the nurturer book

Teahing kids about Allah

I usually read the book aloud to my students. If the text is easy, then I encourage them to take it in turns to read a page each. I stop after each page and ask them a question. Sometimes it’s as simple as ‘what does this particular word mean?’ Other times I might ask them what they think something means.

I then usually have a follow up activity (usually a creative one), which they can complete. 

I’ve found this method engages kids the most and is relatively easy to set up and plan for. 

I have also made presentations to go with each of these books that you can access if you are a school subscriber. Find out more about our school subscription here.

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