How to pray salah cards

For every Islamic studies teacher or Muslim homeschooling enthusiast, the challenge lies in making religious teachings interactive and engaging for young learners. With the sheer importance of Salah in Islam, it becomes imperative to teach our children the significance and the correct method to perform it. This is where Primary Ilm steps in, providing you […]

5 Prayers in Islam

five prayers in islam

What are the 5 prayers? Muslims pray 5 times a day. The names and times of the 5 prayers in Islam are as follows: Fajr: Early morning prayer Zuhr: Afternoon prayer Asr: Late afternoon prayer Maghrib: Evening prayer Isha: Night prayer Allah mentions prayer in Surah Al-Rum: ‘So glorify Allah, when you enter the evening, […]

Why is wudu important?

rewards of wudu

Wudu is the Arabic term for ablution done by Muslims before the five daily prayers. There are many benefits and rewards of doing wudu, some of which I will be covering below. There are 4 main rewards for doing wudu as a Muslim: 1. Wudu washes away our sins Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon […]

Teaching Salah resources

salah resources for kids

Are you a teacher or parent who is teaching their child about Salah? Read on below to find the range of resources you can use to support their Salah journey.

Salah for Kids: Teaching kids how to pray


Teach Salah in a way that makes it less stressful and more enjoyable. Bonus of teaching kids Salah, is the incredible amount of Sadaqah Jaariya you will continue to receive long after you’re gone. Read on below to find out all about how to make learning and reading Salah easy for kids.