Tajweed bookmark

What rules does this Tajweed bookmark cover?

What size and colour is this bookmark?

Who is this Tajweed bookmark for?

How can I use this bookmark with my kids or students?

Where can I buy this Tajweed bookmark from?

Tajweed target cards

Tajweed bookmark

What rules does this tajweed bookmark cover?

This Tajweed bookmark covers the following rules and symbols:


Otherwise known as symbols or accents. Having the names of each harakah is helpful especially for those who struggle to remember what they are called. The bookmark lays the accents out clearly with the names of each one.

What a noon saakin and tanween looks like

Kids often forget when they are at the beginning of their tajweed journey so this will Inshallah really help them with their recall


The Ghunna rule is also included with a clear explanation of the rule along with an arrow which highlights the tashdeed symbol.


The Qalqalah rule is sometimes tricky for kids to get right initially. The bookmark shows what a sukoon looks like and which letters should be read with Qalqalah.


The bookmark has the Ikhfaa rule clearly laid out with all the Ikhfaa letters for children to learn at their own pace.

Full mouth and throat letters

Learning the full mouth and throat letters and their correct pronunciation is very important. In fact, these letters should be taught from when children are on the Qaidah. This is why we’ve included it at the top of the bookmark. 

The word Allah

Did you know that the word Allah appears in the Quran 2699 times! It’s why it’s so important to get the rule regarding this right! 

Idgham with Ghunnah

There are places in the Quran that we do Idghaam with Ghunna and Idghaam without. I would have loved to include both rules. However, as Ghunna is not done on some words and the word is read normally, I thought it best not include it so that kids don’t get confused. Also fitting it in was also going to be a problem.

Idghaam and Ikhfaa shafwi

These 2 rules are shown on the bookmark separately, with clear explanations and examples for kids to get their heads around.


‘What does this letter mean? Do I need to read it? How do I pause?’ These are some of the questions I get from the little ones once they start. The tajweed bookmark traffic light stops are a great way to get kids to learn and retain which letters they need to stop at, where they should carry on and where they can do either.

What size and colour is this Tajweed bookmark?

The Tajweed bookmark is 18cm x 7.5cm (length x width). Although when printing, results might vary.

The size is nice and compact and I have made it in a way that will fit in most Quran and Qaidahs. 

The Tajweed bookmark comes in a beautifully vivid multicolour. I have designed it to be child friendly and eye catching.

Tajweed bookmarks for kids (2 colours)

Who is this Tajweed bookmark for?

The bookmark is for children of any age really depending on where they are in their Qaidah or Quran journey. For children on Qaidah, I would recommend waiting until they are at least halfway through or three quarters of the way through before you start introducing the tajweed terms to them. However as the bookmark has the harakahs and full mouth and throat letters on it too, you can give it to them before then too.

How can I use this Tajweed bookmark with my kids or in my class?

You can give them the bookmarks once they are on the Quran or towards the end of the Qaidah. Then at the beginning of each week, go over one rule or one section on the bookmark. Check out our Tajweed resources for some more activities that you can do with your kids. You can also use these tajweed bookmarks with our target cards. 

Once you have been over the rule and practised it together, then they can use the bookmark to go over the rule once they have practised their sabaq and their previous sabaq. You can allocate a few minutes each day to practise the rule. After they have practised, give them 2 minutes to test each other on that particular rule. 

You can get feedback from the children and maybe ask some questions about the rule. Also ask them if they made any mistakes or what they found hard about the rule. Use that information then to explain further or to provide extra support for those children that might be struggling.

Where can I buy this Tajweed bookmark from?

The bookmark can be purchased via etsy. Or you can purchase it directly from the shop, where it will be cheaper.

Tajweed target cards

I usually start rules with the kids once they are on the Quran and set them targets every week. For example my first target might be ‘learn full mouth letters.’ They can then use the tajweed bookmark to learn it. When they come and read to me, they then have to say the letters. If they say it correctly, they put a tick next to it. They need to do this for a week or get 5 ticks before they are allowed to move onto their next target. 

Tajweed target cards

They love ticking their target card as once they finish it, they get a Dojo (you can use your own reward system here). After this, I might give them a target of ‘finding full mouth letters’ and then their next target might be ‘reading full mouth letters correctly.’

You can tweak and change the target to suit the child. I have some pre prepared ones (which I rarely use) and I also have some that are blank. They love choosing what colour their next target card will be and each colour signifies their level.

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  1. Brilliant resources. JazaKAllah khayrun for generous printables on offer. May Allah reward you and allow us all to benefit from this.

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