ramadan journal

Ramadan Journal

Click here to download the free Ramadan Journal pages. Continue reading if you would like to learn how to make the best use of these pages with your kids or students during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Journal page

This page can be printed multiple times or 30 copies can be made so that your student can complete one every day in Ramadan. An example of a daily goal can be things like:

  • Read 4 pages of Quran with every Salah
  • Help with iftaar
  • Donate something to the needy

You can also check out the free Ramadan calendar by Primary ilm for ideas on Daily Ramadan goals.

I’ve included a section on verse and dua so that they can begin to look for and read ayahs and potentially learn duas. You can download the free version of the daily Dua book for dua ideas. Or they can write their own personal duas. This is a great opportunity to teach kids what types of duas they should be making. Examples of duas include:

  • Asking for Allah’s forgivness- ‘Oh Allah forgive me’
  • Ease for those who are struggling
  • Dua for the ummah
  • Parents and grandparents imaan and health
  • Dua to stay strong on the deen
  • Personal goals and wishes

The section on thankfulness is really important and I included it so that children can get in the habit of finding things to be thankful for. This will insha’Allah nurture a positive outlook and will hopefully help them in later life. Teaching them to say Alhamdulillah is also great. You should also tell them that the word Alhamdulillah means: ‘All praise be to Allah.’

Islamic journal for kids

islamic journal for kids

Check out Primary ilm’s very own journal. Its been sold to people internationally and has proven to be very popular with kids. If you’d like to purchase your own copy, or gift it to someone else you can get it via etsy for now.

Ramadan activities

We have loads of Ramadan printables for our Primary ilm members. Join today to access:

  • Ramadan board game
  • Ebook on Ramadan
  • Colouring pages
  • Ramadan bingo
  • All about Ramadan ebook
  • Mini activity booklet

Read more about it here.

ramadan booklet for kids

We also have free Ramadan printables which you can read about here and download once you sign up for free.

Islamic worksheets and activities

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