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Printable Eid cards

Have you seen the last printable Eid cards series we released last year? That one has Eid Al-Adha specific cards too and a few different designs. To download it you need to be a Primary ilm member. You can read more about that here.

Looking for ‘How to make an Eid card?’ Scroll down to find pictures and instructions on how to make a simple (or fancy) Eid card!

eid cards for kids

These cards can be downloaded from the RESOURCES tab. Go to the COLOURING tab where you can find a range of islamic colouring sheets for kids.

Back to these ones. There are 5 different designs that you can download and print. We tend to make our own cards and then glue the printed design onto the inside of the card. If you’re interested in a semi DIY Eid card, continue reading.

How to make an Eid card

Materials for Eid card

printable eid card
  • Marker: any will do but if you’re working with little kids then make sure the nib is on the thin side. This is optional.
  • Pencil: this is for them to do their initial design
  • Scissors: to cut the washi tape
  • Washi tape: for the border
  • Gems: optional but it gets the kids really excited
  • Card: any card is fine but it shouldn’t be too thin

Steps to make an Eid card

  1. Fold the card in half
  2. On the front, stick some washi tape around the edges.
  3. Get kids to write Eid Mubarak in pencil
  4. Encourage them to design the front. They can include things like lanterns, moon, mosque or any doodle they like
  5. They can then go over their design in marker of black felt
  6. Colour in the design and add gems
  7. Give each child one printable Eid page to colour
  8. Stick this page on the inside of the card
  9. Write their message on the other side

And thats it. These are pretty simple to make and my 6 year olds were able to do it independently. One of them needed help with the washi tape but other than that, they all got on with it themselves. Check out the ones some of my students made below!

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