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Are you looking for printable Islamic worksheets for kids?

We’ve got you covered! Here at Primary Ilm we have over 1000 Islamic worksheets and activities for kids. Our content is:

  • Engaging, fun and informative
  • Authentically sourced
  • Written by qualified teachers and students of deen

We also regularly update the website and add an additional resource at least once a week!

We recognised the need of good Islamic content for kids a while ago whilst teaching ourselves and thought of creating a bank of resources that teachers can draw from. 

At the moment we have the following worksheets:

5 pillars of Islam worksheets

We have worksheets and ebooks on the 5 pillars of Islam. You can check the page out here. Some examples include:

  • 5 pillars poster and poem
  • 5 pillars activity book
  • 5 pillars lesson ideas
  • Ramadan and Hajj ebook and colouring pages
  • A ‘Getting to know Allah’ series
5 pillars of Islam worksheets


We are slowly growing our ‘Prophet’ section. We have the stories of the following prophets accompanied with related activities, colouring and more:

  • Prophet Adam
  • Prophet Nuh
  • Prophet Salih
  • Prophet Isa
  • Prophet Muhammad

Visit this page for a closer look!

Prophet worksheets for kids

Arabic letters 

We have loads of great Arabic letter recognition, writing and reading activities. Some examples include:

  • Dot to dot pictures with letters
  • Qaida cards
  • Tracing cards
  • Colouring sheets
  • Playdough mats
  • Games
  • Posters and flashcards

Check out the Arabic letters page for a look at our whole range of resources!

Arabic letter support


We know teaching tajweed can be a bit tricky sometimes. That’s why we’ve created a few presentations and worksheets on the different rules. We will also be expanding the range this year Insha’Allah. Our Tajweed resources currently include:

  • Ghunna presentation and worksheets
  • Ikhfa presentation and worksheets
  • Qalqalah presentation and worksheets

Check out more Tajweed sheets here.

Tajweed sheets for kids

Surahs and Duas

Our Surah tafseer packs for kids are popular with our users. We break down the Surahs into digestible and easy to understand chunks. This section also includes writing and translation of Surahs too. We have a whole Dua ebook for you to download with activities and worksheets.

You can check the page out here.

Surah tafseer sheets and activity pages

We understand that finding the right resources can be time consuming and stressful which is why we are on a mission to create a website that houses all of the needed resources in one place Insha’allah. With our paying member’s support we will Insha’Allah continue to serve the teachers and children of this ummah to the best of our abilities. Your one time payment will give you access to a whole range of resources that you can benefit from. Your purchase will also act as Sadaqah Jaariya for you as we currently have thousands of users who use our resources regularly in schools, maktabs and in the classroom.

Join us on Instagram where you receive live updates on new releases and teaching tips on how to best use our resources in your classroom!

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