free printable islamic worksheets

Islamic worksheets PDF

Looking for a library of Islamic worksheets in PDF format that you can download and print?

Look no further than Primary Ilm. We have a growing collection of Islamic worksheets for kids ready to download under the resources tab of the website. Each Islamic printable includes a preview picture of part of the resource.

free printable islamic worksheets
Islamic printable worksheets

Our printable Islamic worksheets are great because:

  • There are over 200 free worksheets which cover a wide range of Islamic worksheets
  • All content is authentically sourced
  • The Islamic worksheets are written by trusted writers who are experienced and qualified teachers along with being Islamic theology graduates
  • Our library of downloadable resources is updated every week with even more great free and premium worksheets for kids
  • All sheets have been carefully designed to be engaging, fun and informative. This is so that children can be inspired whilst allowing you to nurture a desire to learn more about Islam

Islamic printable worksheets

Check out some of our most downloaded resources below. These Islamic worksheets in PDF format are perfect for ages 4-12.

islamic worksheets pdf kids
Islamic worksheets and games

Worksheets at Primary Ilm are designed for the following people:

Islamic school teachers: 

We have a host of teachers who use our resources in their classrooms. They have reported how engagement and enthusiasm for learning about Islam has gone up in their pupils, Alhamdulillah. We also take on board any feedback that we receive from our paying and free members. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest resources and tips on how to best implement the resources in your own classroom.

Muslim homeschoolers: 

We currently have over 1000 maths worksheets as part of the membership package. The sheets are great for a quick revision and recap of important topics and skills within primary aged maths.

Use our Islamic printable worksheets alongside any Islamic curriculum to provide extra support. There are also fun activities and colouring sheets for little ones. Our most popular home school resource is a range of handwriting worksheets for children which covers the five pillars, and a separate one that covers Ramadan. We also have a handwriting booklet on Hadith which has proved to be popular.

islamic handwriting worksheets
Ramadan worksheets

Maktab teachers: 

We have plenty of Arabic letter worksheets aimed at new Qaida learners. Check out our related post on our Arabic letters worksheets for further details. We also have printable ebooks that you can share with your classes along with accompanying colouring sheets that children can colour. We hope to add more Tajweed resources for younger and older children.

Mainstream non-muslim teachers: 

Our Ebooks are a great source of knowledge and information for teachers who are looking to teach a particular subject at their school. Our Ramadan booklet was especially appreciated due to its simple, clear and easy to understand language. The illustrations accompanying the words were also apt and closely reflected the actions, cultures and customs of Muslims during Ramadan.

Islamic colouring worksheets

There are so many benefits to colouring that I’ve recently discovered and just had to share. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Development of hand eye coordination
  • Pencil grip practise
  • Development of hand strength
  • Creative stimulation
  • Improved focus
islamic colouring sheets
Islamic colouring sheets for kids

Whilst some educators don’t see the benefits of colouring (I didn’t until recently to be honest), I am seriously loving how so many of my older ones are in to it. Some days, I don’t have the energy or time to create a meaningful learning experience for the kids that I teach. However, on those types of days, I’ll just print off a few colouring sheets, which they absolutely love! We have a few detailed ones that can be classed as mindfulness colouring sheets. To download Islamic colouring sheets, please click on the colouring tab under resources. 

How do I get access to free printable Islamic worksheets?

You will need to sign up for free by clicking on the login page. Once there, go to the ‘register option and sign up. Around half our content is free. However the other half is part of our membership package. For more details on the membership, please click here. 

Once you purchase the membership, you will have access to all our resources on the website. There are over 500 Islamic PDF worksheets that you will be able to access once you are a Primary Ilm member. The duration of the membership is 1 year and our current members absolutely love the range and how we consistently add to our bank of Islamic worksheets every week.

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