christmas in islam

Christmas in Islam

This post on Christmas in Islam will address Muslim and Christian’s beliefs about Isa (as) and will look at Christmas traditions and whether Muslims can celebrate Christmas.

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What is Christmas?

The word ‘Christmas’ is made up of 2 words: ‘Christ’ (Jesus) and ‘Mass’ which means a religious ceremony.

So Christmas is a religious celebration of the birth and life of Jesus, who Muslims call Prophet Isa (as).

What do Muslims believe?

Muslims believe that Isa (as) was a very special human being. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God or God himself or a Holy spirit. This is the main difference between the Muslim and Christians when it comes to Jesus. Muslims believe that Allah is one and he has no partner, no son or no other family member. This is evident from Surah Ikhlas which you can read about here.

The birth of Jesus

The Christmas story is quite different to the one Allah tells us in the Quran. Angel Jibrail came to Mary (or Mariam (as) to tell her that she was going to have a baby.

However, Mariam (as) gave birth to Isa (as) alone. Allah does not tell us about shepards, wise men or any kings.

Like Christians, Muslims believe that Prophet Jesus (Isa) was born without a father. Christians and Muslims believe that Isa (as) could heal the blind and lepers. He could also bring the dead back to life. He was granted these miracles by Allah.

What happened to Jesus?

Muslims believe that Prophet Isa (as) is still alive and in the heavens. He did not die on the cross for people’s sins but came as a messenger to stop people from sinning.

He will come back before the Last Day and defeat the Dajjaal- an enemy of Muslims. Christians believe that Isa (as) was resurrected and then raised up to God.

Who’s the bearded guy?

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a very pious monk called St Nicholas. A monk is a person who devotes themselves entirely to God and lives a very simple life. St Nicholas was a very kind man and people loved him because of his relationship to God and his good character.

Whilst giving gifts is encouraged in Islam, Santa Claus’ methods are a bit suspicious.

Can we celebrate Christmas?

Celebrating something with friends and family is lots of fun. Muslims have 2 Eids to celebrate with food, gifts, and other fun things. So, we don’t need another religion’s celebration as we have plenty of our own. Also we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas as we don’t celebrate the birth of any other Prophet. Jesus was not born on Christmas day and Christians from long ago did not celebrate Christmas either.

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