How to Draw a Mosque Booklet for kids

how to draw a mosque

Islamic art and architecture are profound expressions of our rich heritage, capturing the essence of beauty and spirituality. For Quran and Islamic studies teachers and Muslim homeschoolers, teaching these concepts can now be an artistic journey with Primary Ilm’s ‘How to Draw a mosque and other stuff’ booklet. Creative Learning Made Simple Primary Ilm is […]

Sukoon in Arabic: Teaching Qaida with Primary Ilm’s Worksheets

Teaching sukoon, a foundational element of the Arabic language, can often be a challenging task, especially for young learners. Whether you’re an educator in Quran and Islamic studies or a dedicated Muslim homeschooler, the quest for tools that make teaching both simple and interactive is ongoing. Primary Ilm is here to bridge that gap, offering […]

Islamic Spot the difference

Harnessing the Power of ‘Islamic Spot the Difference’: A Unique Learning Approach Navigating the dynamic landscape of education, teachers are always seeking fresh, exciting ways to captivate their students. At Primary Ilm, we appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach to education is now a relic of the past. Hence, we proudly offer an extensive library of […]

Islamic worksheets

teach islam

Are you looking for printable Islamic worksheets for kids? We’ve got you covered! Here at Primary Ilm we have over 1000 Islamic worksheets and activities for kids. Our content is: We also regularly update the website and add an additional resource at least once a week! We recognised the need of good Islamic content for […]

Why is wudu important?

rewards of wudu

Wudu is the Arabic term for ablution done by Muslims before the five daily prayers. There are many benefits and rewards of doing wudu, some of which I will be covering below. There are 4 main rewards for doing wudu as a Muslim: 1. Wudu washes away our sins Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon […]