christmas in islam

Christmas in Islam

This post on Christmas in Islam will address Muslim and Christian’s beliefs about Isa (as) and will look at Christmas traditions and whether Muslims can

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duas with meaning

Duas with meaning

The following post has everyday basic duas with meaning. We have a downloadable Daily Dua book which you can partially download here for free. If

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hadith a week

Hadith of the week

Having a hadith of the week to focus on can be a great way to begin to implement and practise on a particular hadith. Getting

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prophets in islam

Prophets in islam

How many prophets are there in islam? There are a total of 25 prophets in Islam that are mentioned in the Quran. The first Prophet

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five prayers in islam

5 Prayers in Islam

What are the 5 prayers? Muslims pray 5 times a day. The names and times of the 5 prayers in Islam are as follows: Fajr:

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arabic letter worksheets for kids

Arabic letter worksheets

At primary ilm we have loads of free Arabic letter worksheets for kids. Simply register using the login page and visit the ARABIC LETTERS page under

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